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What he loves to do.


Specialized in shooting of documentaries and commercials, he has worked with a variety of different digital cameras, ranging from DSLRs to digital cinema cameras like the Red Epic Dragon or the Sony F55.


Having available the newest Kessler gear such as the Kessler Second Shooter or the Kessler CineDrive, he can work with 3 axis movements and a range up to 5 feet, all the while shooting on the highest industry standard.


Being experienced in all kinds of photography he has vast knowledge in framing and the optimal composition of shots.


He learned editing by himself over the past years using Adobe Premier, rising up with every new challenge and learning from every new project.


The Person.

Jonas Hofmann

Jonas Hofmann has dedicated his life to the moving pictures since he was a small boy. Through his father, a German actor, he got an insight into this fascinating industry and learned to appreciate it in his early life. Growing up in Bavaria in Southern Germany, he was a member of the world famous Windsbacher Knabenchor, a renowned boys’ choir, with whom he gave concerts in many different and beautiful locations around the world. At the age of 24, and after a phase of extensive travelling, he decided to move to Münster where he did an apprenticeship in audio-visual media design. It was in this time when he started to shoot an increasing number of videos for different clients and discovered that his job was more than a profession, it was and is a calling.
e-mail: Jonas@muenster4life.de
office: Münster
phone: 0174/3933968